MK Festival Of Running

  • Event: MK Festival of Running
  • Distance: 5km
  • Date: 17/03/19
  • Weather Conditions: Bloody windy and cold
  • Course description: Mostly flat until the end where there were two massive climbs (well they felt massive to me).
  • Training leading up to the event: My training has been ongoing since I started 5 weeks ago. I have not been doing long runs which was not a smart idea.
  • Pre-race nutrition: A bit of water, a black coffee, bagel with peanut butter and a banana and a Cappuccino (caffeine overload).
  • Playlist: Old School Garage and Grime.

Living in Buckinghamshire there are not many races to run, so when one pops up in Milton Keynes or nearby, I have to enter it. I am not training for any major runs like the London marathon, I am just trying to get back to sub 25min 5km’s and the Milton Keynes Festival of Running offered a chance for me to see where I am at with achieving my goals. Plus, I would also get some bling.

The race started at 10am which was perfect as it gave us (me and my missus) enough time get up, eat and get ready without rushing. Training in the last 2 months has been half decent to be honest although I did take it easy this week to make sure I had the energy.

The start line was slightly confusing as nothing was signposted and so everyone was just walking around looking for the start line, there were four races the 5km, 10km, half marathon and 20mile. I could not hear or see the race announcer until about 5 mins before the start of the race; at this stage we were standing in the car park trying not to get knocked over.

I made my way to the start line while trying to keep my hat on as it was that windy.  I was not going for a PB for the first time in a race and so I did not have any nerves. I had read beforehand that the course was quite flat and that the first mile or so was downhill, I could notice the first km was downhill but, in my eyes, it was an undulating course.

There was quite a bit of support and race marshals dotted around who always give you motivation when you see them which is always nice.

Throughout the race I felt quite comfortable, I was quite shocked as I have been mainly training on a treadmill and my outdoor runs have been feeling hard. The last race I did in December I literally could not breathe after 2km in. When looking at the race splits and elevation, between 4-5km is where I began to suffer as this is where we began to run back uphill. At one point I got to a stage where everyone walked up the hill as it was quite steep, so I took it extra slow and this is where I lost most time.

I just wanted to finish, that is all I kept thinking. Although there were 10-year olds flying past me, I just kept plugging away and kept focussing on the task in hand. In training I have been working on speed so I knew the last 400m I could really kick, which is what I did. I also tried to look out for my pregnant missus on the side line, but I was trying my hardest to look like I was in control. I just wanted to pass the person in front of me which I did, so that was my Mo Farah moment.

The finish did seem quite quiet, usually there are loads of people cheering you on but seemed like people only cheered the runners they knew.  The announcer calling out the names and times of the runners as they crossed the line was not very helpful as I knew I started after the gun, so his times were not accurate for me, but I knew if I was under 29mins (like he said), then I had achieved my goal but quicker than he said.

When I crossed the finish line something felt weird, I could not think what it was. When I got home and thought about it I realised I was not tired, I still had more in me which was quite annoying but at the same time quite good as I know I can run faster.

It is always great to receive a nice shiny medal, banana and water after a race, I just had to make sure they gave me the right one as they were handing out all the distances at the same time.

It was great to be running a race again, even if I did struggle with the conditions and hills. It also gave me a great indication on what things I need to work on in training which are:

  • hills
  • longer runs, and outdoor runnning
  • strength training mainly legs.

Would I run here again? Yes, I will next year as it was a good race and I like having something to aim for. Overall, I was happy with the race and my time as I achieved what I wanted to, even if I did not enjoy watching young kids run faster than me. I am slowly getting back to where I want to be and where I should be and this race has helped me.

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