Week 1 Training

My main goal is to start running sub 25 minute 5km’s again by the end of the year. So, I have written myself a plan that I have to stick to it if I want to achieve my goals. This was the first week of workouts, I stuck to most of the planned sessions but some were harder than expected.


1 km warm

12 x 400m

100m recovery

1km cool down

I kind of failed this session as I only made it to 9 x 400m.


40 mins easy run

In this session i was supposed to do 45mins but not sure what happened as to why i did not make it to 45mins.


40 mins easy run


Planned session was as Long run, actually session was:

3 x 1km tempo run with 1min rest

This was not the session i had planned but I was procrastinating and i was baby shower day so it was all i could do in the time i had.


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