What is your why?

What are your reasons for running??

Personally, I believe finding your motivation or your why is the most important piece to the puzzle to ensure you keep going when you feel like giving up. It is a question I pose to potential personal training clients to build up a background and also to get them thinking to find a good way of keeping them motivated.

Your motivation for getting in to running or starting a fitness journey should be something meaningful, having a motivation that involves getting fit for a holiday or a wedding can be dangerous and counterproductive although understandable as you want to look good for special occasions. If you are trying to lose weight for a specific occasion why happens when you achieve your desired weight do you go back to old ways after? The chances are you will likely go back to the old you as your motivation is not bigger than a specific occasion.

Just to give you an idea, I have a list of motivations and the reasoning for this is that if one motivation fails I have more that will pull me through.

  • Knowing i now a little one on the way i want to win all the parent races.
  • My dad passed away in 2012 from diabetes so my motivation is to stay as healthy as possible and running is my choice.
  • I am super competitive so being fitter and fast than my brothers is enjoyable as I was always the unfit one.
  • Knowing I have people who may sometimes use me as motivation I think to myself I could be letting them down if I stopped.
  • I have been overweight in the past and I do not want to ever go back and running keeps me far away from being obese
  • Make your why is special and meaningful that way you stick at it as you will not want to feel like you are letting your yourself down. Write down a list of reasons as to why you run or keep fit and keep it safe and when times get hard you can always refer back to it. Make sure it is specific and not a general one like ‘I feel like I have to’.

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